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Jim is a full-stack master of website design and development in all major frameworks including .Net, Java, and PHP. He is also a skilled server admin in Windows IIS10 and below, Sun Glassfish, Apache and Tomcat. He is an equally competent DB admin fluent in SQL, MySQL, and Oracle. He works in Visual Studio 2015, Adobe CC2015, and Eclipse IDE. Jim is also a skilled photographer and videographer / editor (Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas)


In addition to being a world-class coder, Jim has a thorough understanding of business, sales, management, and accounting. He launched several new internet businesses over the years including Stock.com, DSL.com, and Handyman.com. He has managed many small-medium teams of developers on 100's of projects in the past 15 years. In sales he worked with large multi-nationals selling multi-million dollar software packages including SAP.


Jim is married to his wife of 25 years and has 3 children, 24, 23 and 19yrs. old. He holds a BA in music composition from Columbia College. He plays piano, he's an avid chess player, collects motor-scooters and enjoys audiophile sound. Fascinated with mechanics Jim does all the engine work on his cars, bikes and boats. In the summer Jim enjoys sailing and keeps a yacht in Burnham harbor.

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"You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.” ― Heather Schuck

My Skills

Design (Front End)

Development (Back End)


Visual Studio 2015

Adobe CC 2015




Javascript / JQuery


HTML5/CSS3 Bootstrap


SQL, MySQL, Oracle

Server Admin

Search Engineering

Photography / Video

Internet, Web Design / Development (front end / back end), Programming, Application Development, Server Administration, DB Administration, .NET, JAVA, PHP, ASP, C#, MVC, VB, IIS, SUN, Apache, Javascript, JQuery, Responsive, Bootstrap, SQL, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, WordPress, Drupal, Internet Advertising , Search Marketing (PPC, Direct Navigation), Search Engine Optimization (SEO, SEM) Business Development, Sales, Management,

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